The Junior Olympic Program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows the gymnast to advance at her own pace, competing in more than one level in a year, if she so chooses.  There are State Championship meets for Levels 3 through 10, as well as regional and national championships for the upper levels.

The Xcel Program is a competitive gymnastics program sanctioned through USA Gymnastics.  It differs from the Junior Olympics Program as it is designed to provide a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. There are state championship meets for all levels.

Level 2 is an achievement only program as it is fully meant to be a stepping stone into the competitive compulsory program.  Achievement only means that all events including all around recognition will receive a ribbon based on a score range.  The score range is as outlined below and it is recommended that if possible scores are not flashed, rather the color the gymnast receives be shown.  There are no team awards and there will be no state meet competition.  There may be an end of season celebration meet in conjunction with the level 5 state championships.

       Blue Ribbon Event 8.5 or higher AA 34.00 or higher
       Red Ribbon Event 7.5 8.475 AA 30.00 33.975
       White Ribbon Event Below 7.5 AA Below a 30.00

2020 - 2021 JO Compulsory State Championships Information (subject to change)

 State Meet  State Meet Date Host Club Qualifying Score Last Qualifying Weekend State Entry Fee Sanction Number
Level 3 Feb 12-14 NEED HOST See below Jan 27    
Level 4 Feb 19-21 NEED HOST See below Feb 7    
Level 5 Jan 8-10 Premier 33.00 Dec 27    

2021 JO Optional State Championships Information

 State Meet  State Meet Date Host Club Qualifying Score Last Qualifying Weekend State Entry Fee Level Declaration Date Specialist Declaration Date Specialist Qualifying Score
Level 6 Apr 9-11 Xtreme 33.00 Mar 28     N/A N/A
Level 7 Apr 9-11 Xtreme 33.00 Mar 28     N/A N/A
Level 8 Mar 25-28 CGI 32.00 Mar 14       9.10
Level 9 Mar 25-28 CGI 32.00 Mar 14       9.10
Level 10 Mar 25-28 CGI 32.00 Mar 14       9.10

2020 - 2021 Xcel State Championships Information - Click Meet link (if available) for more info

 State Meet  State Meet Date Host Club Qualifying score Last Qualifying weekend State Entry Due Date State Entry Fee Declaration Date Drop Back Date Sanction Number
All Around Specialist
Fall Bronze Dec 12-13 Active See below N/A Nov 29 Nov 30 80.00     76927
Fall Silver Dec 12-13 Active 33.00 N/A Nov 29 Nov 30 80.00     76927
Gold Apr 15-18 Active 34.00 9.1 Apr 4 TBD        
Platinum Apr 9-11 Peak 34.00 9.1 Mar 28 TBD        
Diamond Apr 9-11 Peak 34.00 9.1 Mar 28 TBD        
Spring Bronze Jun 10-13 NEED HOST See below N/A May 30 TBD        
Spring Silver Jun 3-6 CGI 33.00 N/A May 23 TBD        

* Level 3, 4 and Bronze gymnasts qualify for the State Championships by competing All Around in a sanctioned meet.
Declaration means you are declaring if you are an event specialist or an all-around competitor.
Drop Back date is the last date you can drop back to a previous division for that season.

Reporting scores for qualifying meets
All scores for ALL LEVELS must be sent to in order for a meet to be considered as a state championship qualifying meet.  Please note that YOU MUST INCLUDE THE SANCTION NUMBER with the results.  Instructions are available for exporting results from ProScore, Beyond the Scores or a generic format.  No scores can be counted if they aren't reported in one of these accepted formats.

Please click the appropriate link above for instructions on how to report the meet results in the format of your choice. If you need to enter your scores by hand, the generic template can be found here.

Program Forms
Region 3 Floor Exercise Music Approval Form
Xcel Club Registration Form
Xcel 2019 Local Meet Bid Form
Xcel 2019 State Meet Bid Form
Xcel Athlete Assessment Report Form
USAG Event Financial Report Form

Xcel Program Downloadable Information
Cheryl L Bates Award Application

Meet Registration Instructions
How to request judges for a meet

How and When Changes are made to USA Gymnastics Programs (JO and Xcel)

The national committees (JO, Xcel, and TC) meet in May each year.  They consist of your elected national and regional committee chairs (about 10 people each - see charts on page 4-11 of R & P).

At these meetings, they review the success and problems of the previous season.  They address problems and issues brought to them and their state chairs by the membership.  They do their best to address these problems with changes to the program for the upcoming season.  These annual changes are effective August 1, at the start of the new season.  Any changes made after, or outside of this annual meeting, and there are very few, are made to address immediate safety concerns.  The exception being the evaluation of new skills being performed by athletes in competition during the season.  Those are assigned a value by the Regional Technical Committee Chair and readdressed at the end of the season at the annual national committee meetings. Any updates to the iCodes or revised pages to the printed Codes during the year are a result of individuals finding errors or contradictions in the Codes, which are corrected as quickly as possible to avoid misunderstanding of information. These corrections never involve a change, only a error that was missed in the proofing process.

All meet directors who host a competition in Region 3 must send a copy of the sanction report to the regional chair to the address below. The sanction report is the page that the judges sign.
Do NOT send the coaches sign in sheets (the national office wants these pages, Region 3 doesn't need them).
Do NOT send results (unless your meet is a level 8 or higher state meet).

Kim Lauderdale-Stepanek
7270 W. 161st Street
Overland Park, KS 66085
913-851-7500 gym
913-219-9135 cell

Addendum to Competitive Age determination: Each level has a MINIMUM age and even if they reach that minimum age by the date of state meet, they cannot compete until the have that birthday. See page 20, B of the Rules and Policies. A Gymnast must be 5 years of age to compete in a USAG Sanctioned event for Level 2, 6 years old for Level 3 and 7 years old for Level 4, 5, 6, and 7. A Gymnast must be 8 years of age to compete as a Level 8 or 9 and 9 years of age to compete as a Level 10.

The Cheryl L. Baits Gymnastics Award is given each year to a deserving Xcel program athlete who plans to attend the Regional Championship Meet.  Current Regional levels are Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  Depending on gym policy, this award will go to the gym or family of the athlete.  An application for the award can be downloaded here.

Age Groups for JO Optional Team Awards

Level 7
Ages for each group are determined by the ages of participants competing.
Children (3 scores count)
Youth (3 scores count)
Junior (3 scores count)
Senior (3 scores count)
Overall (3 scores count)

Level 8
Junior 8 - 14 (3 scores count)
Senior 15 and over (3 scores count)
Overall (3 scores count)

Level 9
Junior 8 - 14 (3 scores count)
Senior 15 and over (3 scores count)
Overall (3 scores count)

Level 10
Overall (3 scores count)

Level 3 Acheivement Ribbon Awards
Blue 9.0 and above
Red 8.0 - 8.975
White 7.5 - 7.975
Yellow 7.475 and below